Cellular Uptake of Insulin and Heparin

Study Summary

Hydrosome Labs has partnered with Loyola University to run an extensive study on Hydrosome H2O and its ability to enhance permeability on a cellular level.

Human colon adenocarcinoma (Caco-2) cells are considered to be the gold standard for in vitro evaluation of intestinal permeability and oral absorption. Caco-2 cells differentiate to form confluent monolayers which then display the same structural characteristics of the cells that line the small and large intestine.  These Caco-2 cells are key to the study of innumerable areas, including bioavailability and permeability.

The initial study design with Loyola University compares cellular uptake of insulin and heparin in ultrapure water as compared to Hydrosome H20.  Using Caco-2 cells in vitro, the study will further validate Hydrosome H20’s ability to enhance cellular uptake of molecules with poor bioavailability.


This research is currently in progress. As results are reported, we will update with the latest findings.

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