Permeation Levels of Insulin and Other Molecular Compounds

Study Summary

In connection to our groundbreaking research using propidium iodide in Hydrosome H2O, a follow up study is being designed using flow cytometry to quantify enhanced cell permeation of various molecules.

Flow cytometry is a technology that provides rapid multi-parametric analysis of single cells in solution. This method can identify particular components within cells and effectively quantify intracellular volumes of specific molecules

In utilizing this technology, Hydrosome Labs will use this study to show permeation enhancement in epithelial cells.  Specifically, we will be looking at permeation levels of insulin, heparin, and zinc, and comparing cellular uptake of these molecules in ultrapure water as compared to Hydrosome H2O.


This research is currently in progress. As results are reported, we will update with the latest findings.

Flow Cytometry Analysis

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