Sanitation Enhancement with Hydrosome H2O

Sanitation Enhancement with Hydrosome H2O


In this study, Hydrosome Labs partnered with a leading probiotics manufacturer to evaluate the antimicrobial effects of Hydrosome H2O on various bacterial strains grown in a ginseng (antimicrobial) media.


Two 600 mL fermentations were conducted at 37° C each containing 1% ginseng extract. One fermentation utilized laboratory-grade deionized water, while the other utilized Hydrosome H2O. Bacterial growth was assessed through optical density measurements after 24 hours.


The Hydrosome treatment resulted in a 6.5x reduction in bacterial growth after 24 hours.

Probiotic Bacteria Growth in Ginseng Media

Hydrosome Water:    0.024 OD600
Deionized Water:   0.160 OD600

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