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Hydrosome H2O + Ultrafine Bubble Technology

A HydrosomeTM is what we call our unique form of ultrafine bubbles. Our technology creates a specific concentration and size distribution of ultrafine bubbles in water that has been optimized for stability and the transport of compounds into cells.
A series of anecdotal observations of the benefits prompted the formation of the company that now takes a science first approach and produces industry specific Hydrosomes. They are different because of their size, stability and tuneability for each market.

Hydrosomes can be effective carriers of any compounds that cells regularly take up.  Our technology works best with water soluble compounds, but we continue to test new applications.

Classifications for ultrafine bubbles in water were adopted in 2017 by the ISO (International Standards Organization). They define an ultrafine bubble as any bubble <1000 nanometers (1 micron). The term nanobubble is often used as a more generic term for fine bubbles which encompasses ultrafine bubbles.
  • Our process for creating Hydrosome H2O is simple and uses only water and air to create a stable concentration of ultrafine bubbles.  The same process occurs in nature every day in flowing rivers and crashing waves.  We have simply engineered it for optimal cellular transport.  It’s why our technology has been GRAS certified and has passed the Institutional Review Board process for multiple clinical trials.

Yes, we are partnering with companies across many industries to commercialize our technology. We can discuss testing options with you. Please reach out here.

No, for applications where water is a main ingredient today, the use of our technology does not require a label change when Hydrosome H2O is being used to replace DI or RO water.

Formulations made with Hydrosomes have maintained their initial improved effectiveness for at least 18 months in stability testing.  We have also measured sustained concentrations of Hydrosomes in water over 1 year old, and we continue to do real time stability testing as samples age.

Ultrafine bubbles, like Hydrosomes, occur already in nature.  Their formation has been measured in crashing waves and flowing rivers.  Natural processes like evaporation and repeated freeze thaw cycles remove ultrafine bubbles from water.

Our technology is covered by multiple patents with several additional patents pending.
Because of their small size, the impact of Hydrosomes on the basic properties of water is minimal and beyond the detection limit of most standard methods.

System and Equipment

Our technology and systems are available to license, saving on upfront capital costs for our partners.  Our license fees are set by industry and follow a royalty model similar to other technology companies.
Our system design is extremely compact.  The footprint will vary by the volume of water processed, but is similar to other water processing unit operations of equivalent capacity like RO or DI.

A maintenance contract is available with a license.

We’ve discovered that the purest water possible can produce the best results when treated with our technology.  For most applications, that means deionized water as a pre-treated quality level. Although, for applications like agriculture, we have experience generating results with various quality levels of input water.

Our systems are highly scalable and can fit almost any flow requirement.

Technology Applications

Yes, we have seen increases in plant yields between 20% and 100% depending on the specific species and application.
Yes, our customers have seen increases in THC and terpene levels ranging from 15% to over 50%.

Yes, replacing DI water in formulations with Hydrosome H2O has improved the uptake of numerous active ingredients by 3-5x in testing done with TRI Princeton.

Yes, Hydrosome H2O has been shown to improve both the speed and yield of fermentations. Increases in both biomass and the expression of high value compounds have been seen.


Hydrosome Labs Headquarters is located in the Chicagoland area in the city of Westmont, IL. 
Our address is 640 Blackhawk Dr., Westmont IL, 60559.

Hydrosome Labs technology has applications across many industries including agriculture, consumer products and precision fermentation.
Hydrosome Labs was organized in 2020 as a Delaware LLC.