Ultrafine bubble Increased Hydroponic Yields

Ultrafine bubble Increased Hydroponic Yields


This study conducted by Hydrosome Labs, compares basil plant growth within a hydroponic system using Hydrosome H2O vs Ultra Pure Water.


Hydroponic farms are an effective way to grow plants year-round in a controlled environment using only water and fertilizer. The same volume of water was used for both test plants, however the amount of fertilizer used with Hydrosome H2O was decreased significantly.  100% of the recommended fertilizer dosing was used in the Ultra Pure Water vs 10% of the recommended dosing for the plants grown in Hydrosome H2O.  All other inputs remained the same for the test and control legs.


The results showed increased yield and plant health (measured by root length) using Hydrosome H2O compared to Ultra Pure Water.

Average Number of Leaves

Average Root Length

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