Improved Zinc Uptake

Improved Zinc Uptake

In this study, Hydrosome Labs partnered with a third party laboratory to show the cellular uptake of zinc in deionized water as compared to Hydrosome H2O.  Zinc is heralded for its health benefits and the ability of Hydrosome H2O to effectively deliver this nutrient could lead to better outcomes for consumers. 
Zinc was added to both deionized water and Hydrosome H2O. The two were then introduced to human embryonic kidney (HEK) cells to measure both the uptake rate and amount of zinc that was delivered into the cells.

Hydrosome H2O was able to transport zinc into cells quicker and at higher overall concentrations. The concentration of zinc delivered in the Hydrosome H2O treatment was 64% and 144% greater after 30 and 60 minutes respectively, compared to the deionized water treatment.

HEK Cells in Solution of Zinc Sulfate & Water

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