Improved Cannabis Root Mass

Improved Cannabis Root Mass


In this study, Hydrosome Labs partnered with North Carolina State University to determine if Hydrosome H2O can increase root mass during cannabis cutting propagation. Root mass is often correlated to a higher flower weight enhancing growth and overall yield outputs.


48 cuttings were used per treatment (Hydrosome H2O vs deionized water). Cuttings were transferred into a peat moss medium and grown at and average light level of 158 µmol/m2/s for 18 hours/day. Cuttings were evaluated after 13 days. All work was performed at NC State University.


Cuttings propagated with Hydrosome H2O showed enhanced dry root mass growth compared to cuttings grown in deionized (DI) water under the same conditions. Proportionally, 77% of cuttings grown in Hydrosome water had dry root masses greater than 40 mg, whereas only 58% of cuttings grown in DI water were greater than 40 mg (p-value: 0.045).

Proportion of Dry Root Mass Above 40mg

Hydrosome Water: 77%
Deionized Water: 58%

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