Hydrosome H20

Our Patented Process

Tap Water

Our process begins with tap water, the base level of potable water. Commonly considered drinking water, the EPA regulates the level of contaminates allowed, with some microbial contamination present.

1) Reverse Osmosis

Step one of the process involves water passing through a porous membrane in the direction opposite to natural osmosis. This removes biological and chemical particulates.

2) Deionization

Next, we apply a combination treatment technology using electricity, ion-exchange, and resins to generate Ultra Purified Water.

Ultra Pure Water

Ultra Pure Water is an ion balanced, purified water at the highest level of specification, containing only elemental H2O.

3) Our Patented Process

Finally, our patented process applies specific energy and pressure to produce Hydrosome H2O.

Hydrosome H2O offers a drastic increase in transport efficacy and solute bioavailability. As a result, our partner companies benefit from increased efficiencies with all their water-based solutions.

It's Proven Value

With Hydrosome H20
any water-based solution can evolve to something greater.

Improved Bio Availability

Hydrosome H2O allows compounds to better permeate cell walls, achieving maximum cellular hydration and increased biological function.

Molecular Stability

The Hydrosome H2O process provides a stable structure capable of suspending hydrophilic molecules.

Increased Dispersion

Because Hydrosome H2O allows for better lipid wall absorption of solutes, cells absorb a greater percentage of water. This leads to smaller quantities of solute needed for similar dispersion results.

Higher Solute Efficacy

Solutes suspended in Hydrosome H2O have a stronger, faster effect than solutes combined with normal water.

Application Flexibility

Hydrosome H20 can suspend a multitude of solutes that apply to products and operations within Consumer Beverage, Personal Care, Plant & Animal Health, and Life Sciences.

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