Hydrosome H2O Technology Based on the Principle of Ultrafine Bubbles

Hydrosome Labs transforms water’s power to efficiently deliver essential substances to cells using ultrafine bubbles. Our technology, based on hydrodynamic cavitation, creates HydrosomesTM that carry nutrients effectively due to their unique properties. Backed by scientific studies and collaborations, Hydrosome H2O offers a novel approach in the field of ultrafine bubbles for nutrient transport.

Our Patented Process Explained

Tap Water

Our process begins with tap water, the base level of potable water. Commonly considered drinking water, the EPA regulates the level of contaminates allowed, with some microbial contamination present.

Tap Water
1. Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Step one of the process involves water passing through a porous membrane in the direction opposite to natural osmosis. This removes biological and chemical particulates.


Next, we apply a combination treatment technology using electricity, ion-exchange, and resins to generate Ultra Purified Water.

2. Deionization
Ultra Pure Water

Ultra Pure Water

Ultra Pure Water is purified water at the highest level of specification with all ions removed, containing only elemental H2O.

Our Patented Process

Finally, our patented process of Hydrodynamic Cavitation creates a unique size and concentration of ultrafine bubbles in the water. 

3. Our Patented Process
Hydrosome H2O

Hydrosome H2O offers a drastic increase in transport efficacy and solute bioavailability. As a result, our partner companies benefit from increased efficiencies with all their water-based solutions.

Within the Field of Ultrafine Bubbles, Our Technology Stands Apart

We have conducted hundreds of scientific studies over many years and collaborated with investigators from leading universities and clinical research labs. The unique size and concentration of our Hydrosomes keep them stable in solution while creating a surface area to transport nutrients that is thousands of times greater than larger bubbles.

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