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Hydrosome Labs Teams With Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford for National Launch of Breakthrough Technology

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month with a reformulated Youth Activating Melon Serum – Advanced Formula featuring a new process that delivers active skincare ingredients to skin cells more effectively.

We’re excited to introduce Hydrosome H2O® as the latest technology innovation in our hero product”

“We’re excited to introduce Hydrosome H2O® as the latest technology innovation in our hero product,” said Laura Lum, Co-President of Meaningful Beauty. “We’re the first in the beauty industry to supercharge our revolutionary serum with this breakthrough technology designed to deliver best-in-class ingredients deeper into the skin for better absorption,” said Lum.

Hydrosome H2O combines with Meaningful Beauty’s proprietary Melon Leaf Stem Cell Technology to visibly plump, firm, and deeply hydrate skin and increase elasticity as it helps protect from environmental aggressors. Other skin benefits include radiance and an overall more youthful look. The serum is now available at

At its core, Hydrosome’s new technology leverages established science to improve the ability of water to deliver active skincare ingredients to cells more effectively and efficiently.

How does it work? About 30 years ago, scientists began to investigate the formation of ultrafine bubbles in water. The bubbles, invisible to the naked eye, have unique properties. These characteristics can only be found in Hydrosome ultra-fine bubbles:

  • Unique size and concentration making them superior in the delivery of active ingredients to cells.
  • Longer shelf life (over two years) than any other ultrafine bubble technology. The closest shelf life in the emerging nanobubble category is four to six months.
  • Sustainable process with no added chemicals or consumables, and it takes very little energy to operate. This allows manufacturers to do more with less, use fewer chemicals, reduce environmental impact, simplify ingredient lists, and shorten supply chains.
  • Significantly higher surface area vs. bubbles in regular water (one trillion Hydrosome bubbles fit in one champagne bubble), making them excellent transporters of ingredients to cells.

Hydrosome Labs President, Bob Jacobs, noted, “Water has traditionally been a passive ingredient in beauty products. With Hydrosome H2O, water is transformed into a functional ingredient and active delivery system that enhances the ability to deliver ingredients and formulas that provide beauty benefits from wrinkle reduction to increased firmness, elasticity, and hydration,” he said.

Meaningful Beauty and Hydrosome Labs called their partnership a win-win for consumers and the companies.

About Hydrosome Labs

Hydrosome Labs is a Chicago-based B-to-B biotechnology company on a mission to change lives by changing water. Its technology, Hydrosome H2O, is a natural and chemical-free process that improves the power of water through the emerging science of ultrafine bubbles. The innovative process delivers active ingredients to cells more efficiently and completely with multiple applications across personal care and cosmetics, beverages, fermentation, and controlled environment agriculture. Uses include helping plants grow faster and healthier with less fertilizer, improving nutrient uptake in skin care, delivering faster, longer lasting, and enhanced hydration in performance drinks, and more efficient precision fermentations.

Hydrosome H2O also allows manufacturers to do more with less, use fewer chemicals, reduce environmental impact, and shorten supply chains. The company and advisors include business and R&D execs from Fortune 500 companies like P&G, Goldman Sachs, Nestle Health Sciences, and the Intercontinental Exchange, owner of the New York Stock Exchange.

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About Meaningful Beauty

Meaningful Beauty is celebrating its 20th Anniversary as a skincare — and now haircare — company created by Cindy Crawford and world-renowned cosmetic specialist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. Its mission is to help women become the best, most confident versions of themselves by sharing the transformative age-maintenance treatments Cindy had access to from Dr. Sebagh and throughout her career.

The formulas in the Meaningful Beauty skincare and haircare systems feature powerful antioxidants derived from rare melons grown in the South of France. These melon super antioxidants and the proprietary next-level Melon Leaf Stem Cell Technology are at the heart of the daily routine Cindy has used to keep her skin, and now her hair, looking young and healthy.

To date, over 5 million women have trusted the Meaningful Beauty youth-enhancing formulas. The brand continues to grow with its future-generation innovations, including the Age-Proof Haircare System and breakthrough technologies exclusive to Meaningful Beauty.