Tomato Study

Tomato Study


A study conducted by Hydrosome Labs, compares the growth rate, and fruit yield of Hydroponic Tomato plants (a Cannabis Proxy) grown in Spring Water vs. Hydrosome H2O


Tomato seeds were germinated and grown in 2 separate AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim systems filled with Spring Water (Poland Springs) and Hydrosome H2O. Six plants were grown in each system. Fertilizer was added to each system at ½ the recommended dosage approximately every 2 weeks. The tomatoes were germinated and then grown in the hydroponic systems.


The test ran for 150 days. The tomatoes grown in Hydrosome H2O flowered and ripened about 1 week ahead of the spring water plants. The total grams harvested for the Hydrosome tomatoes were significantly higher for the first 30 days of harvest.

Flowers (avg/plant)

Tomatoes (avg/plant)

Total Tomatoes Harvested (g)

Spring Water

Hydrosome Water

Spring Water Day 103

Tomato Plant grown with Spring Water

Hydrosome Water Day 103

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