Evaluating Anti-aging and Wound Healing Efficacy

Study Summary

Recent anecdotal evidence suggests that Hydrosome H2O used in various cosmetic applications can enhance anti-aging properties as well as epithelial wound healing.

MatTek Life Sciences, an innovative research lab known best for its 3D tissue lines, has been conducting numerous studies with Hydrosome Labs over the past several months. In general, 3D skin tissues can test a wide range of applications including claims substantiation and evaluation of scientific efficacy.  The most recent group of tests with MatTek show cell permeation of a previously impermeable molecule (propidium iodide) with the use of Hydrosome H2O. Several MatTek 3D tissue lines were involved in this study, including EpidermFT, their unique skin cell line. Because EpidermFT is a dry skin surface, researchers use it to evaluate biological responses to topical formulations and ingredients. 

Two studies are currently in development by MatTek and Hydrosome Labs to evaluate and measure both anti-aging and wound healing efficacy of formulations using Hydrosome H2O.  The tests will compare formulations using ultrapure water vs. Hydrosome H2O.


This research is currently in progress. As results are reported, we will update with the latest findings.

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