Impact on Topical Formulas and Molecules

Study Summary

Research is currently being designed as a follow-up to the portion of the propidium iodide study that focuses on enhanced permeation of topicals on skin cells.

MatTek Life Sciences, an innovative research lab known best for their 3D tissue lines, has conducted numerous studies with Hydrosome Labs over the past several months.  The recent group of tests showed cell permeation of a previously impermeable molecule (propidium iodide) using Hydrosome H2O and was conducted on several different MatTek 3D tissue lines, including their unique skin cell line (EpidermFT). 

As a follow up to the skin cell results from previous studies, a skin hydration test is being designed to evaluate and measure various topical formulas and molecules (hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin C, and others) and comparing ultrapure water to Hydrosome H2O.  Skin hydration levels will be measured in the EpidermFT by assessing electrical impedance within the in vitro human skin model using ultrapure water vs. Hydrosome H2O.


This research is currently in progress. As results are reported, we will update with the latest findings

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