Water is essential to life.

Water is the basis for life on Earth. It is second only to oxygen as the most essential substance for survival, yet we take it for granted that it will always function the same.

What if it could be improved?

At Hydrosome Labs, we did just that.

Through groundbreaking technology, we've developed ultrafine bubbles that defy the limitations of conventional nanobubbles. Our innovation keeps these bubbles stable and active for more than a year, far outlasting nanobubbles produced by other technologies. This breakthrough opens new possibilities for utilizing water in ways previously unimagined, marking a significant advancement in water science and technology.

Who we are Committed to Advancing Ultrafine Bubble Technology

We are a biotechnology company based in Chicago, uniting top professionals from corporate and scientific fields. Our innovation, Hydrosome H2O, enhances water’s capabilities naturally, without chemicals. Our firm foundation in research fuels our vision for Hydrosome H2O, which has transformative potential across diverse industries. We are establishing strategic partnerships with companies that can leverage our technology to enhance the performance of their products.

With Hydrosome H2O’s advancing capabilities, we are committed to creating remarkable impacts on everyday life.

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our technology Harnessing the Unique Power of Our Ultrafine Bubbles

Throughout history, science has enhanced natural elements for the advancement of society: silicon chips from sand, and carbon fiber from carbon. Hydrosome H2O is no different. We are making changes to the properties of water that, until now, no one imagined possible.

At Hydrosome Labs, our patented process creates invisible structures in water called ultrafine bubbles. We call ours HydrosomesTM. Our bubbles differ significantly from conventional bubbles visible to the naked eye. Their key difference is their capability to improve the delivery of vital ingredients—such as nutrients, vitamins, gases (e.g. oxygen) and water—to cells and tissues.

The innovation behind Hydrosome H2O technology lies in the unique size and concentration of our ultrafine bubbles. Unlike traditional bubbles, our Hydrosomes remain intact in solution for more than a year, offering lasting stability that enhances product efficacy through faster and better hydration and increased uptake of nutrients and other ingredients. This extended stability not only boosts performance but also broadens the horizons of applications across sectors such as skincare, functional beverages, precision fermentation, and controlled environment agriculture. The long-lasting nature of our ultrafine bubbles paves the way for innovative product formulations, empowering scientists and industry professionals to harness these advantages for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

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markets we serve Explore the Power of Ultrafine Bubbles

With a commitment to enhancing the power and functionality of water, Hydrosome Labs proudly serves diverse markets through the innovative application of ultrafine bubble technology.

Ultrafine Bubbles for Healthier Skin Cosmetics | Personal Care

Our ultrafine bubble technology revolutionizes the cosmetic and personal care sectors, providing a superior approach to skin hydration and enhanced delivery of active ingredients like essential nutrients and minerals to effectively nourish the skin. By incorporating Hydrosome H2O into formulations, products achieve exceptional performance—delivering faster, deeper hydration and increasing the uptake of vitamins, antioxidants, and other vital skin nutrients. This results in visibly healthier and younger-looking skin and products that are not only effective but transformative. Our technology’s capability to maintain ingredient stability and enhance absorption rates sets a new benchmark for skincare solutions, offering consumers improved outcomes.

Improving the Performance of Beverages with Advanced Hydration Functional Beverages | Bottled Water

Hydrosome H2O is setting new benchmarks in the beverage industry by improving the delivery of functional ingredients and optimizing hydration levels. Clinical trials, including a groundbreaking double-blind crossover study with athletes, have demonstrated the profound impact of our technology.

Athletes consuming Hydrosome H2O, as opposed to traditional spring water, experienced superior hydration both during and after rigorous exercise. This advanced hydration capability not only improves physical performance and recovery but also enhances effectiveness by boosting the body’s absorption of vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

Improving Precision Fermentation Yields With Ultrafine Bubbles

Our ultrafine bubble technology enhances industrial fermentation processes by reducing the lag phase and optimizing nutrient and gas delivery to microorganisms, leading to increased yields. The flexibility and scalability of our process allow for precise customization of bubble content, catering to aerobic or anaerobic fermentation. Whether it’s batch, fed-batch, or continuous fermentations, our systems are adaptable to all.

The adoption of Hydrosome H2O into existing fermentation systems enables companies to increase their output without the need for expanding fermenter capacity. This efficiency not only accelerates production cycles but also translates to substantial cost savings and time efficiencies. Our technology provides a streamlined solution for organizations looking to enhance productivity and meet growing demands without incurring extensive capital expenditures.

Advancing Controlled Environment Agriculture with Ultrafine Bubbles

Hydrosome H2O is advancing Controlled Environment Agriculture by integrating ultrafine bubbles to not only speed up growth cycles but also to significantly increase crop yields. Our innovative technology reduces the need for fertilizers, fostering eco-friendlier cultivation methods. Research in partnership with leading universities and agricultural experts has validated the effectiveness of Hydrosome H2O, showcasing notable improvements in germination speed, root development, and yields.

The use of Hydrosome H2O in agriculture translates to more robust and faster-growing plants, achieving higher productivity and environmental stewardship. Farmers adopting our technology can expect to see a marked difference in both the growth rate and yield of their crops, providing a tangible competitive edge in the market. Our patented technology redefines the benchmarks of efficiency and sustainability in Controlled Environment Agriculture.

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