Making Life Better by

Improving the Power of Water

A Dynamic Process to Transport / React / Structure

Water is essential to life.

Water is the basis for life on Earth. It is second only to oxygen as the most essential substance for survival, yet we take it for granted that it will always function the same.

What if it could be improved?

At Hydrosome Labs, we did just that.

Introducing Hydrosome H20

We have developed a technology that improves how water functions and delivers compounds to cells with increased magnitude, speed, and absorption. This improved delivery has applications across numerous industries from Consumer Beverages, Personal Care, Plant & Animal Health to Life Sciences.

Our technology has applications for these industries:

Hydrosome Labs
Is Seeking Partners

We believe our technology has the potential to disrupt categories and are looking for partners to develop and commercialize Hydrosome H20® within their products and operations. We license our technology to fund and maintain our research. If you have come across one of our patents (or subsidiary affiliates) pending and granted applications and would like to discuss how we can work together, please contact us.